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Wii Play: Motion is a Wii video game that was released on June 13, 2011. It was announced on April 12, 2011 as the sequel to the original 2006 Wii Play and came bundled up with a black Wii Remote Plus. It features 12 games, all that include using the Wii Motion Plus accessory and it is rated E10+ by ESRB. In UK, it is bundled with a red Wii Remote Plus.


Wii Play: Motion features 12 games mostly made by different developers with two unlockable games that can be played during the title screen.

Cone Zone

by Arzest

Players use the Wii Remote to balance an ice cream cone as scoops of ice cream are added. As the stack of ice cream grows higher, the stack grows top-heavy and becomes increasingly difficult to balance. The player is ultimately scored on how many scoops were added to the stack before it finally topples over. In a variation of the minigame, the player's cone is dispensed with soft serve ice cream. The player is tasked with angling the cone so that the soft serve gradually grows into a desired spiral shape, and is scored based on several factors, such as the ice cream height and the balance.

Veggie Guardin'

by Good-Feel

Players protect their vegetables from thieving moles in a Whack-A-Mole style game.

Skip Skimmer

by Good-Feel

A stone skipping game with the goal of getting the most skips. Additional modes adds things such as ramps, rings and a goal area.

Pose Mii Plus

by Skip

An expanded version of the Wii Play game now with six degrees of rotation.

Trigger Twist

by Prope

A shooting gallery similar to Shooting Range from Wii Play except with targets like UFOs, ninjas and Dinosaurs.

Jump Park

by Arzest

The player's Mii bounces off the walls and floor while players manage their trajectory in order to collect gems and reach the exit.

Teeter Targets

by Nintendo

Targets must be hit using rotating flippers to bounce a ball without letting it fall, like pinball, before time runs out.

Spooky Search

by Arzest

The player is a ghost hunter tasked with capturing virtual ghosts within their vicinity. Ghosts hide outside of the area displayed on-screen, and are found in the player's physical surroundings using the Wiimote's speaker as a guide, then reeled back into the television for capture.

Wind Runner

by Vanpool

A racing game in which a Mii on inline skates is propelled by holding an umbrella in the direction of wind gusts.

Treasure Twirl

by Mitchell Corporation

Players unwind and wind a cord so that a treasure diver can avoid various obstacles.

Flutter Fly

by Skip Ltd.

Players use the Wii Remote to directly control an on-screen leaf. The leaf is waved like a hand fan in order to guide a group of balloons through an obstacle course. The player has to avoid hazards that could pop the balloons as the game ends if all the balloons are popped. The player is scored on how quickly the course is finished and how many balloons remain. In multiplayer, two players race their balloons through the obstacle course.

Star Shuttle

by Chunsoft

Players assemble a space station piece by piece using small rockets carrying each component. The motion controls beiing the rockets 6 thrusters.

Dolphin (unlockable)

by Chunsoft

Guide a dolphin through a series of rings.

Unicycle (unlockable)

by Mitchell Corporation

Ride a unicycle along a raised obstacle course, it is a recycled minigame from Wii Fit Plus

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