Wii Play (JP) is compilation of nine different games demonstrating the Wii's unique controller. It is similar to Wii Sports, with simple gameplay and simple graphics that use the avatar created on the Mii Channel. The game is bundled with a Wii Remote, with an overall price of $50.(With the remote being $40 and the game being $10)

A sequel was made later for Wii Remote Plus and was called Wii Play: Motion.

Unlike Wii Sports, this game has simpler games to play ranging from simple table games to shooting games. At first, you only have shooting but once the player have finished one game, they'll the next in order until they have all of them.

Like all of the Wii Game series, which includes Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Wii Music, it will use neat little avatars that you can create in the Mii Channel and then download them to the game. The game comes with six ready-made characters, in case you have not created a Mii yet. Almost every game within the game uses these avatars in the crowd, except for Duck Hunt or Laser Hockey. While Billiards Mii characters barely show up in the audience, their heads are used as pictures on the cue ball.

Mii Characters

This game is one of the games to currently use the Mii characters as one of the main characters.


This is a list of the games in Wii Play. Nine games are in the game.




Shooting Range

A modern version of the classic game Duck Hunt. Shoot the targets that come up. It has been criticized for being too short [5 levels long]


Find Mii

Where's Waldo-type challenge using the characters from the Mii Channel.


Pose Mii

Match the pose on screen before time runs out. You will control a selected character from the Mii Channel and guide him to the bubble characters that will fall down. Each bubble character will either be looking left or right, so you will have to change the position of your character to match him with that of the bubble character. If a bubble hits the bottom, you will lose.


Laser Hockey

A remake of the classic game Pong. A Hockey Table game with plenty of bright lights. Player one is on the left side, and is blue, Player two is on the right side, and is red, Player two will also be the computer if you only have one player.


Table Tennis

A simple game of Table Tennis. The bottom character is player one, and is blue, the top is player two, and is red. While you progress through the game, characters from the Mii Channel will come and start to watch and cheer.



A cartoony fishing game with visuals that look like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island's. It's object is to score as many points as possible.



A 9-ball billiards/pool game, using the Wii Remote to play.



Take the bull by the horns. Steer your wild steer by holding the Wii Remote sideways, as if gripping reins, and topple scarecrows to score points.



Take control of a tank with the Wii Remote; aim the cannon and shoot down the opposition.


This is a list of all medals a player can earn while playing. There are 4 medals earnable.





4th best medal rewarded. Many mistakes allowed and minimal skill required to earn.



3rd best medal rewarded. Some mistakes allowed and some skill required to earn.



2nd best medal rewarded. Minimal mistakes allowed and a lot of skill required to earn.



The best medal rewarded. Near perfection required to earn.


The tracks "Title" and "Fishing" (composed by Shinobu Tanaka) are available with the CD Touch! Generations Soundtrack

Easter Egg

Take a Listen!

If you speed up the Title Screen song by 1.75x at 0:17[1], you will get a familiar motif by Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, and finally Mario kart 7.

Reception and Impact

Critically, it was looked down upon receiving a tepid 58 on MetaCritic and 61.64% on GameRankings.

Despite this, the game sold well likely due to including a Wii Remote. It steadily sold strongly during the early years of the Wii. Eventually, it became one of the highest selling games at 28.02 sales worldwide since at least 2012.

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  1. Title Screen - Wii Play 1.75 speed (secret song) - YouTube