Wii Menu Uninstaller is a Wii channel that appeared in prototypes for the Wii.

It could be used to uninstall the Wii Menu on development Wii Consoles and replace it with the NDEV Menu.

If it has been forcefully installed on Wiis that weren't prototypes, in which you could uninstall the Wii menu, it is just a matter of how much damage uninstalling the WIi Menu does, which is a lot of damage, and even the possibility to completely brick the Wii, Seriously, don't do this to your Wii. If you want to see what happens, then just do it on a virtual Wii. Uninstalling the Wii menu is uninstalling the NAND, or Operating System. It also can be used to install NDEV tools, but you can do very little to restore the Wii. Just find uninstall NDEV tools and then it will delete NDEV tools and install Wii Menu version 1.0. You can't update without using Obnesswagger.