Wii Fit Final Smash

Wii Fit is the final smash of Wii Fit Trainer that launches a flurry of yoga poses to the side of the stage, carrying foes caught in its path.


The move starts with Wii Fit Trainer assuming the Tree yoga pose and yelling one of her phrases. The Wii Fit Trainer enters the Warrior pose and a stream of poses go in the directions she faces. Each pose deals 3-4% of damage and can deakl a maximum of 37% in damage similar to the Mario Finale, it pushes the opponents continuously of the stage. It typically KOs in the low 90s% but, it can also KO if the character cannot recover from being pushed too far.


Wii Fit Trainer strikes the Warrior pose, sending an army of silhouettes flying forth in a variety of poses (21 in all!). This Final Smash's individual hits don't hurt much, but they add up and can even push foes off the edge. Meanwhile, Wii Fit Trainer is invincible! Unleash it at a height to get the full range of the cone effect.


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