Wiggler's Garden is the first board in the story mode of Mario Party DS which is owned by Wiggler. The boss minigame is Feed and Seed which has Piranha Plant.


Stars are obtained by normal standards when it is reached with a payment of twenty Coins. The ? Spaces revolve around plants; this ranges from yellow flowers that reward with Coins, to climbing a beanstalk, to the Piranha Plant shooting fire at the player when he or she lands on its ? Space.

Story Mode

Mario and his friends first stumble around here as their new size and find Wiggler. It is unhappy because a Piranha Plant is destroying the garden. Accepting the challenge, the player soon defeat the Piranha Plant in Feed and Seed and receives the first Sky Crystal.



  • In the beta version, this Board was called Petey Piranha's Green House. It would have involved the player to help Petey with a Piranha Plant. Petey was then replaced with Wiggler.
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