Wiggler(JP) is a caterpillar-like creature from the Mario series that made its debut in Super Mario World. If Mario jumped on it, it would get mad and start running around faster. There was no way to kill it unless Mario had Yoshi who could eat it, was carrying a Koopa Shell, or had the powers of a Starman.

Most Wigglers have 5 little sections in their bodies that are in the shape of a sphere, though many have more, including a humongous one found in World 5 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii that has up to 100. (Not confirmed, but likely.) Another appears in Super Mario Sunshine's Gelato Beach's "Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!" as a boss.

Though most Wigglers are enemies, they just usually get mad if you harm them first, other than that, they always look happy, and will also be friends with Mario in some games.



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A large caterpillar characterized by a flower on its head and a huge nose. Wigglers typically just walk around minding their own business, with no hint of malice. However, they lose their flowers when jumped upon and fly into a rage, turning bright red and chasing Mario. In Yoshi's Island, certain Wigglers appear as butterflies, with grown wings and flight capabilities.

Super Mario World, 1991
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