The Widemouthed Anode Beetle (JP) is a member of the Scarab Beetle Family featured in Hey! Pikmin. They are similar to the Anode Beetle in appearance but they possess a large mouth and a more agressive temper.


The Widemouthed Anode Beetle will patrol in a given area while emiting a constant electric current. They will attack by charging if they see Pikmin or Captain Olimar if it sees them before it. They can be killed but only by Yellow Pikmin and in some case it is not very wise as they are usually the only source of light in the caves they live in and some path can only be opened thanks to the interaction between its light and a special kind of plants.


Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin Log

"This pesky creature loves to generate its own electricity. It prefers solitude, and becomes aggressive if provoked. It really couldn't be more different from me, could it? Part of me wishes I could assert myself as strongly as this terrifying monster does."

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