The White Sword is a weapon in The Legend of Zelda series. In the original, it is an upgrade over the Wooden Sword but, in The Minish Cap, it is a completely different sword that goes by the same name.


The Legend of Zelda

The weapon is an upgrade to the Wooden Sword, but is weaker than the Magical Sword. After gaining 5 hearts, the sword can be obtained by speaking to the Old Man in a cave in the northeast of Hyrule near a waterfall, which is guarded by a Lynel.

The Minish Cap

In the Minish Cap, the sword is a reforged Picori Blade and replaces Link's Smith's Sword. This sword is eventually infused with the 4 Elements, increasing its power and changing the color of the hilt each time one is added. With each element,  Link will be able to make more copies of himself when he charges a Spin Attack over special tiles, with the maximum copies being four. With ll 4 elements, the sword becomes the Four Sword

Hyrule Warriors

The White Sword appears as Link's tier 2 sword. In the Master Quest DLC, an 8-bit version can be found as Zelda's rapier.


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