The White Flower Garden is a underground locatioin in the Nintendo GameCube video game Pikmin 2. You will be able to go to this dungeon once you arrive in Awakening Wood. Once you get to the White Flower Garden, you will have to travel through five sublevels. The third sublevel contains three white Candypop Buds which, once you throw Pikmin into it, will eject White Pikmin. The boss of this dungeon is a Burrowing Snagret. Once you defeat the Snagret, you will obtain a five-man napsack. There are a total of seven treasures in this dungeon.


Alien Billboard (NTSC) Nutrient Silo (PAL)

Petrified Heart

Drought Ender

Superstick Textile

Toxic Toadstool

Survival Ointment (NTSC) Container of Sea Bounty (PAL)

Five-Man Knapsack

Number of Pikmin you should bring with you

The following is a list of Pikmin types that you should bring with you in this underground cave. (obtained from the official guide from Nintendo Power.)

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