Whimsical Waters is a board in Mario Party 10. It plays underwater

Boss Battles

  • Mega Cheep Chomp's Shell Shock
  • Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle


Reaching a Dragoneel will trigger an event called Dragoneel Treasure which gives a player the chance to get a lot of Mini Stars in a choice of 6 chests. This refreshes after the halfway point.

The first junction has a spinning Cheep Cheep statues determine your path randomly. Left is better path with a Dragoneel Treasure

A Circle in the 2nd half of the board requires the players to roll above a certain number to g

Lucky Space

  • Like every board, a selection of 3 blocks where one holds 2 Mini Stars, another holds 4 and the final holds 6.

Unlucky Space

  • A Blooper pops out and the player cannot use Special Blocks next turn
  • Fish Bones come and take 5 Ministars

Bowser Party exclusive events

Another junction where Bloopers ink it up. One path is good while the other is bad. Bowser can try to trick by drawing on the screen


  • Whale Submarine (300 Mario Points)
  • Blooper Submarine (300 Mario Points)


  • This is one of the 3 stages that can be playing in Bowser Party.
  • The characters have muffled voiceovers like they are underwater.
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