Whimsical Radar is one of the thirty ship parts in Pikmin for the Nintendo GameCube. This is one of the most important ship parts ever in this game. After finding this in The Forest of Hope, the player can see a map using the button "Y". With this ship part, the player can see what the stage looks like, where other ship parts are, they are marked by stars, and stranded Pikmin are showed by dots depending on the color of Pikmin. When the Pikmin carry it back to the S.S. Dolphin, it will be attached to the back of the ship and the player can see it when the player stands behind the ship. This is behind a stone wall, so the player behind a stone wall, so the player needs Yellow Pikmin and Bomb Rocks.


Discovery Notes

"It's my whimsical radar! With this, I'll be able to see all nearby ship parts in a single glance-I just press "Y" to check it. This find fills be with great hope."

Ship Log

"This important part can detect the locations of the other missing parts. The radar will be added to my monitor, which I can press Y to view. C zooms in and out. This will surely help me in my search for the remaining parts!"

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