Where's Waldo is a video game released onto the NES based on the popular series of children's books. It was developed by THQ. The object of the game is to find Waldo in various scenes. However, the game is criticized for Waldo being more difficult to find than in the books. The cutscene in which Waldo moves from area to area is also criticized as being unnecessarily slow, and for the timer not stopping during the cutscene, making the game unnecessarily harder than it should. Considering that the object of the game is to find a tiny sprite of Waldo in giant, cluttered areas (except for the almost entirely dark cave area, in which Waldo can be seen for split seconds spontaneously), the fact that there is a timer has also been criticized as gamers might be more comfortable being able to take their time. Choosing the wrong area also takes away time on the timer, adding further frustration.

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