KSSU Wheel

Wheel Kirby is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities which first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. As Wheel Kirby, Kirby can turn into a fast moving wheel to run down enemies. It is commonly obtained from Wheelie. Kirby wears a red backwards baseball cap and transforms into a pink/red wheel with a star on the hubcap.


The main ability of Wheel Kirby is to turn into a wheel and move quickly across the stage while hitting enemies. Kirby is only susceptible to damage when slows down, but he is hard to control.

Kirby can use the Wheelie helper to ride his as a Wheelie Rider, which give him similar powers to the regular Wheelie ability. If the Wheelie is player controlled, the rider can fire tiny stars as an attack.

In Kirby's Dream Course, Kirby turns into his wheel form when activated and drives him in a straight line until he hits an immovable obstacle or fall off. If he hits a wall or green barrier, he will lose all speed, jumping in the air before stopping.

As a Robobot Mode, it turns the armor into a car-like vehicle with the ability to charge forward and pierce enemies with forward spikes and spin around to make a fiery blast. It can also change lanes at will if there are paths available.



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