Western Land is one of the boards in Mario Party 2. In Western Land, players are dressed as cowboys, and are called Deputy.

Board Elements

The main board element is a train named Steamer. He travels around the board. Players who arrive at one of the three stations (at the footprint space) can ride Steamer if they pay the toll of 5 coins. To determine the direction, players hit a block that either shows Toad's face, which means he goes forward, or a Goomba's face, which moves Steamer backwards. Any players in the path of Steamer will get knocked back to start.

In the top left corner of the map, there is Wiggler's Milk shop. Players that pass it can pay 20 Coins to hold a hootenanny. Players all gen summoned to the milk shop.

Happening Spaces

The happening spaces simply move Steamer forwards to the next station.

Board Minigames

The item minigame is Give Me a Brake!. The player pulls the lever to activate the brake. The player gets the item that lands in front of the arrow. Landing on Baby Bowser or not at all gets the player nothing

The duel minigame is Quick Draw Corks. The players draw their cork guns and whoever does it first wins. Player who draw before the Goomba says "Go!" will be given a warning. If the player receives a second warning.


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