Wes is the main protagonist in Pokémon Colosseum, a Pokémon game exclusive to the GameCube. Wes has a mini Poké Ball carrier, the only one, which he stole from a band of thieves. He also starts out with a Espeon and Umbreon, due to the always having Tag-Team battles.

Obtainable Pokemon

List of obtainable Pokémon:


  • e - Catchable VIA E-Card
  • * - Choice Between
  • + - you get the two the player didn't pick
  • # - Bonus
  • $ - Non-Shadow
  • x - Only obtainable after catching every Shadow Pokémon, then going to level 100 of Mt. Battle.


It should be noticed that Wes is a default name and is only used in the Colosseum Mode.

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