The Wayward Moon is the name given by the Koppaite to the cantaloupe melons. The only one found in Pikmin 3 is located in The Garden of Hope. It is held by the Quaggled Mireclops, and is dropped by it, along with Louie. The captains seem amazed by its texture, and as shown in a secret video, Louie is fond of the smell. The Wayward Moon give 3 bottles of juice when retrieved.

In-game description

Pikmin 3

Brittany's American Comments

"Once you get past the tough, cratered exterior, this fruit is a refined, almost delicate flavor. Kind of reminds me of the Captain, except he's all exterior."

Brittany's European Comments

"Once you get past the coarse, cratered exterior you'll find that this fruit is delicate and sweet on the inside. That's probably how the Captain sees himself, actually. Personally I think the resemblance ends at the coarse, cratered part."


  • It gives the most juice of any fully intact fruit in the game. An entire Crimson Banquet can also give 3 bottles.
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