Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98 is a sports game (focused on ice hockey) for the Nintendo 64. It is licensed by the National Hockey League and it's Player's Association and officially endorsed by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. It was named "3D Hockey" because the characters in the game were polygonal figures instead of the sprites used in previous hockey games.


In many ways, this game is similar to it's predecessor Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey. This 4-player game offered only two modes: Arcade and Simulation. In Arcade Mode, the players just start playing. In Simulation Mode, a slightly more realistic hockey game is played.

Options can be customized, such as period length, line changes, rink size, camera angle, and turning the puck-streak on or off.

As in the real-world sport of hockey, the object is to score more goals than the opposing team to win the game.


Since the game is licensed by the NHL and NHLPA, all real-world NHL players names and numbers are used in the game as well as the teams.

Box Art

The box art for the game has a photo of Gretzky when he played for the New York Rangers.

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