Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey is a sports game (focused on ice hockey) for the Nintendo 64. It is licensed by the National Hockey League and it's Player's Association and officially endorsed by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. It was one of the first games to be released for the N64 in 1996 and the first ice hockey game, also the first 4-player game, for the console. It was named "3D Hockey" because the characters in the game were polygonal figures instead of the sprites used in previous games.


Unlike the more realistic EA Sports hockey games, this game had "power saves", "power shots" and "power checks", not to mention over-the-top fights. Individual team and player stats were saved during gameplay.

As in the real-world sport of hockey, the object is to score more goals than the opposing team to win the game.


Since the game is licensed by the NHL and NHLPA, all real-world NHL players names and numbers are used in the game as well as the teams.

Box Art

The box art for the game did not have a photo of Gretzky or any other player. It only had a 3-dimensional rendering of the game's title.


The game also spawned a sequel that was released the following year: Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98.

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