A Wavebird (model number DOL-004) is the wireless version of the Nintendo GameCube controller. It features the same amount of buttons as the standard Gamecube controller. However, there is a switch between the D-Pad and the C-Stick, the switch that actually turns on the controller, while an orange square light below the switch turns on when the controller is on. Below the light is the word "WIRELESS". On the bottom of the controller is a lever that switches between the 16 wireless channels to which the controller can be set for multiple connections in multiplayer. [However, it is recommended that the players do not use channels that are close together (e.g. 1,2,3,4), so no interference occurs out of two different controllers attempting to use the same channel in gameplay.] Also, Rumble support has been removed out of power-duration concerns.

Befitting its purpose, the Wavebird does not use cables, instead relying on a receiver that is connected to the controller port. The receiver is a vertically rectangular wireless plug that matches the color of the Wavebird. (It should be noted that the receiver takes a lot more vertical space that the plug in a regular GameCube Controller.) On the bottom is a black lever that corresponds to the 16 channels of the Wavebird itself.


The Wavebird has been said to be one of the best controllers of the sixth generation in terms of comfort, accessibility, ease of use, and overall design. The wavebird is slightly heavier than the normal GameCube Controller as it requires two AA batteries. However, these batteries can last for up to 100 hours. The Wavebird was available in most regions in gray or platinum; however, two Japanese-only variants exist- these are the Club Nintendo (white and light blue) and Mobile-Suit Gundam (two-toned red) controllers. Aside from the Mobile-Suit Gundam themed controller, which came with a matching receiver, all other variants came with plain gray receivers.

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