Wave the Swallow, or Wave, is said to be the brains behind the Babylon Rouges. She is joined on this team by Jet the Hawk and Storm the Albatross. Wave is said to be so smart she even surpasses Tails "Miles" Prowler and Dr. Eggman and tech advancements.

She is the daughter of the tech expert of the previous generation of Babylon Rogues, which she takes after,[2] and takes care of her groups' customized Extreme Gears.

Because of her knowledge on Extreme Gear, Wave is brimming with self-confidence and can be a bit of a trash-talker and highly critical of others' work with Extreme Gear. She hates thick-headed or stupid people and she tends to give advice only she can understand.[1] Regardless, Wave is level-headed and serves as the voice of reason in the Babylon Rogues, though she is often mistreated by the other members.


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