Wave Race: Blue Storm (JP) is a video game for the GameCube that was released in the launch window of the console. It is a sequel to the Nintendo 64 title Wave Race 64, which was a sequel to the Game Boy title Wave Race. In all, there have only been three games in the series, with this being the third. As always, the game is a racing title that features racers riding on Jet Skis. There are a variety of modes in the video game, not surprising for a video game published by Nintendo. The actual game was developed by the Nintendo team in Redmond, Washington, which is also the hometown of Nintendo of America.


All the Wave Race veterans know that the key to winning the game is to make use of the various Turbo Boosts scattered throughout the stages. They're hidden in many instances. In all, there are 8 stages with a different amount of tracks on each, with a total of 19 in all. While players can customize their characters, it won't have much of an effect on the actual gameplay. The most drastic measures on can take is changing the handling of the jet ski and whether acceleration or speed should be improved.

The weather can dramatically alter the way the game is played, with five different types of weather in all, which include sunny, partially sunny, light rain, rain and stormy, ranging from calm to drastic in that respective order. While the AI in the game can be considered fair, they will cheat in order to catch up with you if you are doing well.