Watt(JP) is a character in Paper Mario. She is the sixth partner that will join Mario's team on the quest to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach. She is a Li'l Sparky. Mario comes across Watt in the Shy Guy's Toy Box when he stumbles upon a dark room which was home to a Big Lantern Ghost, which Mario has to battle. After Mario defeats it, it disappears and leaves behind its lantern. Mario has to use his hammer to break open the lantern and free Watt from inside it.


Mario uses Watt to light up dark areas. She also reveals invisible blocks.


  • Electro Dash (start) - Uses 0FP - Penetrates an enemy's defense power and uses electricity to attack it.
  • Power Shock (start) - Uses 2FP - Attempts to use an electric shock to paralyze one enemy.
  • Turbo Charge (Super Rank) - Uses 3FP - Uses electricity to boost Mario's attack power for a short while.
  • Mega Shock (Ultra Rank) - Uses 5FP - Attempts to use an electric shock to paralyze all enemies.


Though Watt is a female, there are oftentimes in which the games writers mistakenly referred to Watt as a male. An example of this is when she gets her Super Block upgrades. Furthermore, on her Super Paper Mario Catch Card, she is referred to as a male.

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