Waterwraith is a creature from the Unknown Family that serves as a boss in Pikmin 2. With its rollers, it crushes Pikmin and Olimar, Louie or President of Hocotate Freight. It is invincible without Purple Pikmin.

In Submerged Castle, it is the boss. He apears on every sublevel after five minutes on each floor. On the last floor there are violet candypop buds so you can defeat him. There are bulbmin in Submerged Castle it is a good idea to throw bulbmin in the candypop bud since Bulbmin cannot surface above ground.

How to Defeat

As stated before, only purple Pikmin can kill it, throw one at them so they land with a thud. Then the boss will turn purple, now any Pikmin can attack it. After you get rid of his health bar once, it will just run around the sublevel. Now it is totaly harmless but you must still use the purple Pikmin to make it tangible. Since it gushes away, you cannot carry its body back to the Hocotate Ship for pokos.


Olimar's notes

"All that is known about this creature stems from a few sightings deep underground. All reported sightings feature the same core set of details: a giant, viscous form with a clear, hazy sheen not unlike hard candy. One theory holds that it may be the ectoplasmic incarnation of a kind of psychic phenomenon, but as is usually the case with such theories, it is very difficult to prove. All witnesses report being suddenly overcome with fear upon sighting the creature, approaching a state of panic and near insanity. In fact, every report contains an inordinate amount of extremely vague details, which has led to suspicions that exhaustion and fear have caused some simple natural phenomenon to be viewed as a living creature."

Louie's notes

"Inedible. Known to cause mass hysteria, followed by leg spasms and internal thunderings."

Nintendo Player's Guide Description

"The anxious Water wraith appears before the final floor of the Submerged Castle, but you won't be able to defeat it until you use Violet Candypop Buds to create Purple Pikmin on the cave's lowest level. One touch from a purple will make the beast temporalily vulnerable."


  • In the Piklopedia, you can freeze its rollers first, so it will try to lift it. Then you can freeze it, and his rollers won't be frozen, you can repeat this over and over.
  • This monster does not appear in Pikmin.
  • This monster is anchored to a different dimension than that of the Pikmin. The wierd thing is that the Purple Pikmin's thud brings them into their dimension.
  • After you defeat it on it's rollers, it will run around the sublevel quickly, you still need to use purple Pikmin to bring him in the dimension. When running, it can't attack anything.
  • There are two waterwraiths in Bully Den, a challenge level in Pikmin 2.
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