Waterworld is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Boy, and Game Boy video game released in 1995. It is based on the financially unsuccessful movie of the same name by Universal Studios. The Virtual Boy version is mutually considered the worst game released for the system, though because of how rare the game is it's considered a collector's item as well.

The Virtual Boy game was released exclusively in North America, while and the SNES game was released exclusively in Europe. The Game Boy version was released in Europe but cancelled in North America.

Gameplay (SNES)

In the SNES version of the game, you'll control a boat and shoot missiles at jetskis and other boats that are in your path, maneuvering around destroyed buildings that are jutting out of the water. Bonus stages will often occur that'll have you control a scuba diver and collect various treasures underwater while navigating around the sea creatures. If your health reaches zero then the next boat based stage will ensue.

Gameplay (Virtual Boy)

In the game you'll shoot jetskis and make sure that they don't capture Atollers. When a Smoker, the game's enemy, captures an Atoller, he'll make a run for it. This is when you are required to shoot it down and come in possession of the Atoller by driving into it. Once all of the Atollers have been saved, a multitude of enemies will start to attack. Your goal here is to destroy all of the boats. It is required to not allow an enemy boat to ram into yours - if they do it'll result in a lost life. If one shoots you, you'll be invincible for a short amount of time in order to get out of the trouble. After all the enemies have been killed, the round will end and you'll be sent to the next one.

According to TASVideos member Mothrayas, the Virtual Boy version contains 65,536 distinct rounds of gameplay, though no new content is introduced after Round 16 - instead, the number of enemies is continuously increased, gradually reaching very absurd levels until hitting a total of 32,784 in Round 16,399, after which the enemy numbers drop back to a more sane 18 per round and never increase above 40. Furthermore, many rounds (as outlined here) have no enemies whatsoever, resulting in an instant clear. Beating Round 65,535 would take the player to Round 0, then back to 1, and so on once more.


The Virtual Boy version has been universally labeled as one of the worst titles for the console, which itself has been deemed a terrible piece of hardware.

The SNES version was given an average of 2.95 out of 5 by Nintendo Power.

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