Water Park is a track in Mario Kart 8. It is part of the Mushroom Cup that takes place in a water park as the name of the track suggests.

Track Layout

Water Park overview
The track starts the racers at the entrance of the park. The racers go straight up some stairs to enter the ride with a right turn. Going on this path until the jump into water. One side is a boost and has the player go farther.

This portion is an anti-gravity section with a submarine-styled cart for the ride.It travels at a steady pace so racers can hit into it to get a speed boost. The racers now travel in a loop out of the water and back into it ending the anti-gravity section.

The course goes through a bend around a carousel that can boosted through with a mushroom or star. Upon exiting the water, there is a gliding ramp that launches the racers towards the finish line. Inbetween, there is the ticket booth and a ferris wheel. The ferris wheel's cars can get in the way of gliding racers, slowing them down. In higher speeds, it is possible to ride on top of the ticket booth instead of going around it.


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