A Water Dumple is an enemy in the Pikmin series for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! for Wii. These are fish like enemies that can swallow two Pikmin at a time. In Pikmin, it has a little bit more health. In Pikmin it can be found only in The Distant Spring while in Pikmin 2, they can be found in watery areas underground. They are also found in Valley of Repose, and Perplexing Pool. In Pikmin 3, they can be found in the Distant Tundra and the Twilight River. They are apart of the Grub-dog family. They are also close members of the Bulborbs.


Reel notes

"This aquatic creature is a close relative of the bulborb."

Olimar's Notes

"A resident of freshwater pools and marshes, this aquatic creature regularly feeds on insects that land on the surface of the water. It shares a nearly identical skeletal structure with its close relative and terrestrial cousin, the bulborb. This may offer clues to its evolutionary origin and suggests that it only recently emigrated to an aquatic habitat."

Louie's Notes

"Deep-fry dumples without batter for all of the flavor with half the fat!"

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