Water is one of the 18 type in the Pokémon series.

List of water-type Pokémon

Image Pokémon Type Information
PKMN007 Squirtle WaterWater Known as the 'Tiny Turtle' Pokemon, Squirtle is native to the Kanto Region. Squirtle is one of the First of the three starter pokemon of Blue and Red version.
PKMN008 Wartortle WaterWater Know as the 'Turtle' Pokemon, Wartortle is the second form of Squirtle. Its furry ears and tail help it keep balance while swimming at fast speeds.
PKMN009 Blastoise WaterWater Known as the 'Shellfish' Pokemon, Blatoise is the Third form of Squirtle. Its two High-pressured water cannons in its back are used for High-powered attacks.
PKMN054 Psyduck WaterWater It's mostly known as the 'Duck' Pokemon, Psyduck suffers from Chronic Headaches and uses pyschic abilities without meaning to. Native to the Kanto Region.
PKMN055 Golduck WaterWater The Second form of Psyduck and know also as the 'Duck' Pokemon. It is sometimes mistaken as the Japanese Sea Monster Kappa.
PKMN060 Poliwag WaterWater Poliwag is known as the 'Tadpole' Pokemon and is Native to the Kanto region. Its spiral on its stomach varies from area to area and its flexible skin is almost unpenetrable.
PKMN061 Poliwhirl WaterWater Poliwhirl is also considered a 'Tadpole' Pokemon and is the second form of Poliwag and has grown arms and is more apt to walking. Its spiral, whichs changes direction upon evolution may cause drowsieness if stared at.
PKMN062 Poliwrath WaterWaterFightingFighting Poliwrath is the final form of Poliwag and is capable of unleashing powerful fighting type moves and will never become fatigue no matter how much it trains.
PKMN072 Tentacool WaterWaterPoisonPoison A Water/Poison type Pokémon that resembles a jellyfish.
PKMN073 Tentacruel WaterWaterPoisonPoison A Water/Poison type Pokémon that evolves from Tentacool. It has more tentacles.
PKMN079 Slowpoke WaterWaterPsychicPsychic A Water/Psychic type Pokémon that often uses its tail for fishing.
PKMN080 Slowbro WaterWaterPsychicPsychic Evolves from Slowpoke at level 37. (Evolves when a Shellder clamps on the Slowpoke's tail in the anime.)
PKMN086 Seel WaterWater A Seal Pokémon. It lives in icy seas and uses the horn on it's head to create breathing holes in the ice.
PKMN087 Dewgong WaterWaterIceIce Evolves from Seel at level 34.
PKMN090 Shellder WaterWater In the anime, this Pokémon will latch onto a Slowpokes tail, merging them and causing the Slowpoke to evolve into a Slowbro.
PKMN091 Cloyster WaterWaterIceIce Evolves from Shellder via a Water Stone.
PKMN098 Krabby WaterWater A Crab-like Pokémon that's specialty is its pincers.
PKMN099 Kingler WaterWater Evolves from Krabby at level 28.
PKMN116 Horsea WaterWater A Seahorse-like Pokémon.
PKMN117 Seadra WaterWater Evolves from Horsea at level 32.
PKMN118 Goldeen WaterWater A Goldfish Pokémon.
PKMN119 Seaking WaterWater Evolves from Goldeen at level 33.
PKMN120 Staryu WaterWater A Starfish-like Pokémon.
PKMN121 Starmie WaterWaterPsychicPsychic Evolves from Staryu with a Water Stone.
PKMN129 Magikarp WaterWater This Pokémon knows only Splash! until later games, where it learns Tackle also.
PKMN130 Gyarados WaterWaterFlyingFlying Evolves from Magikarp at level 20.
PKMN131 Lapras WaterWaterIceIce Sturdy water Pokémon, handles electric attacks well as it is also an Ice type.
PKMN134 Vaporeon WaterWater Evolves from Eevee via a Water Stone.
PKMN138 Omanyte RockRockWaterWater A Rock/Water type Fossil Pokémon.
PKMN139 Omastar RockRockWaterWater Evolves from Omanyte at level 40.
PKMN140 Kabuto RockRockWaterWater A Rock/Water type Fossil Pokémon.
PKMN141 Kabutops RockRockWaterWater Evolves from Kabuto at level 40.
PKMN158 Totodile WaterWater The Water type Starter Pokémon of Johto.
PKMN159 Croconaw WaterWater Evolves from Totodile at level 16.
PKMN160 Feraligatr WaterWater Evolves from Crocnaw at level 36.
PKMN170 Chinchou WaterWaterElectricElectric A Electric and Water type pokémon.
PKMN171 Lanturn WaterWaterElectricElectric Evolve from Chinchow at level 27.
PKMN183 Marill WaterWaterFairyFairy Evolves from Azurill when Azurill loves the trainer.
PKMN184 Azumarill WaterWaterFairyFairy Evolves from Marill at level 18.
PKMN186 Politoed WaterWater Evolves from Poliwhirl when traded with a Kings Rock.
PKMN194 Wooper WaterWaterGroundGround Water and Ground type Pokémon, making it strong against electric types.
PKMN195 Quagsire WaterWaterGroundGround Evolves from Wooper at level 20.
PKMN199 Slowking WaterWaterPsychicPsychic Evolves from Slowbro when traded with a King's Rock.
PKMN211 Qwilfish WaterWaterPoisonPoison A Puffer Fish-like Pokémon.
PKMN222 Corsola WaterWaterRockRock A Coral-like Pokémon.
PKMN223 Remoraid WaterWater When evolved, this Pokémon completely changes its form, seemingly unrelated to its previous form.
PKMN224 Octillery WaterWater Evolves from Remoraid at level 25.
PKMN226 Mantine WaterWaterFlyingFlying Water/Flying-type Pokémon. Usually seen escorting a Remoraid.
PKMN230 Kingdra WaterWaterDragonDragon Evolves from Seadra when traded holding a Dragon Scale.
PKMN245 Suicune WaterWater A Legendary-type Unicorn Pokémon.
PKMN258 Mudkip WaterWater The Water type Starter Pokémon of Hoenn. It has some catchphrase that some people say So I herd u liek Mudkipz.
PKMN259 Marshtomp WaterWaterGroundGround A Pokémon that evolves from Mudkip. It has the developed Ground type.
PKMN260 Swampert WaterWaterGroundGround Evolves from Marstomp
PKMN270 Lotad WaterWaterGrassGrass
PKMN271 Lombre WaterWaterGrassGrass
PKMN272 Ludicolo WaterWaterGrassGrass
PKMN278 Wingull WaterWaterFlyingFlying The un-evolved version of Pelipper
PKMN279 Pelipper WaterWaterFlyingFlying Evolves from Wingull at level 25
PKMN283 Surskit BugBugWaterWater A Water-Spider like Pokémon. Despite being a spider, it can't learn Spider Web.
PKMN318 Carvanha WaterWaterDarkDark
PKMN319 Sharpedo WaterWaterDarkDark
PKMN320 Wailmer WaterWater A Whale-like Pokémon. It has a round body that explains why it can learn Rollout.
PKMN321 Wailord WaterWater Evolves from Wailmer. It is the biggest Pokémon ever.
PKMN339 Barboach WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN340 Whiscash WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN341 Corphish WaterWater A Ruffian like Pokémon. It has regular pincers.
PKMN342 Crawdaunt WaterWaterDarkDark Evolves from Corphish. It has the developed Dark type.
PKMN349 Feebas WaterWater A fish Pokémon that has the same level up moves as Magikarp.
PKMN350 Milotic WaterWater Evolves from Feebas. It is known as the world's most beautiful Pokémon.
PKMN363 Spheal IceIceWaterWater A baby seal-like Pokémon. It is shaped like a ball.
PKMN364 Sealeo IceIceWaterWater Evolves from Spheal. It is a Stage 1 Pokémon and it isn't ball shaped anymore.
PKMN365 Walrein IceIceWaterWater Evolves from Sealeo. It can crash through thick ice.
PKMN366 Clamperl WaterWater A clam-like Pokémon.
PKMN367 Huntail WaterWater Evolves from Clamperl via trading by holding a Deepseatooth.
PKMN368 Gorebyss WaterWater Evolves from Clamperl via trading by holding a Deepseascale.
PKMN369 Relicanth WaterWaterRockRock An ancient Water/Rock type Pokémon
PKMN370 Luvdisc WaterWater A heart shaped fish like Pokémon. It can learn a lot of love based move.
PKMN382 Kyogre WaterWater The Legendary Water type Pokémon that is part of the Weather Trio. It controls the sea and it is a Killer Whale based Pokémon.
PKMN393 Piplup WaterWater A Pokémon that resembles a Penguin.
PKMN394 Prinplup WaterWater Evolves from Piplup at level 16.
PKMN395 Empoleon WaterWaterSteelSteel Evolves from Prinplup at level 36.
PKMN400 Bibarel NormalNormalDragonDragon
PKMN418 Buizel WaterWater A Water type Pokémon that uses its tails as its propeller.
PKMN419 Floatzel WaterWater Evolves from Buizel
PKMN422 Shellos WaterWater A sea slug-like Pokémon. It has a west and east form.
PKMN423 Gastrodon Evolves from Shellos. It still has an East and West form.
PKMN456 Finneon WaterWater
PKMN457 Lumineon WaterWater
PKMN458 Mantyke WaterWaterFlyingFlying It is a manta ray-like Pokémon.
PKMN484 Palkia WaterWaterDragonDragon One of the Legendary Dragons of Sinnoh. It is Water/Dragon type.
PKMN489 Phione WaterWater A sea fairy-like Pokémon. It is a baby form of Manaphy.
PKMN490 Manaphy WaterWater A Legendary Pokémon. It is the only event Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokedex.
PKMN501 Oshawott WaterWater Starter Pokémon for the Unova region
PKMN502 Dewott WaterWater
PKMN503 Samurott WaterWater
PKMN515 Panpour WaterWater
PKMN516 Simipour WaterWater Evolves from Panpour via Water Stone
PKMN535 Tympole WaterWater
PKMN536 Palpitoad WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN537 Seismitoad WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN550 Basculin WaterWater
PKMN564 Tirtouga WaterWaterRockRock
PKMN565 Carracosta WaterWaterRockRock
PKMN580 Ducklett WaterWaterFlyingFlying
PKMN581 Swanna WaterWaterFlyingFlying
PKMN592 Frillish WaterWaterGhostGhost
PKMN593 Jellicent WaterWaterGhostGhost
PKMN594 Alomomola WaterWater
PKMN647 Keldeo WaterWaterFightingFighting Event legendary that also has an alternate form
PKMNXY656 Froakie WaterWater Starter Pokémon for the Kalos region
PKMNXY657 Frogadier WaterWater
PKMNXY658 Greninja WaterWaterDarkDark
PKMNXY688 Binacle RockRockWaterWater
PKMNXY689 Barbaracle RockRockWaterWater
PKMNXY690 Skrelp PoisonPoisonWaterWater
PKMNXY692 Clauncher WaterWater
PKMNXY693 Clawitzer WaterWater
PKMNXY721 Volcanion FireFireWaterWater
PKMNSM728 Popplio WaterWater Starter Pokémon for the Alola region
PKMNSM729 Brionne WaterWater
PKMNSM730 Primarina WaterWaterFairyFairy
PKMNSM746 Wishiwashi WaterWater
PKMNSM747 Mareanie PoisonPoisonWaterWater
PKMNSM748 Toxapex PoisonPoisonWaterWater
PKMNSM751 Dewpider WaterWaterBugBug
PKMNSM752 Araquanid WaterWaterBugBug
PKMNSM767 Wimpod BugBugWaterWater
PKMNSM768 Golisopod BugBugWaterWater
PKMNSM771 Pyukumuku WaterWater
PKMNSM779 Bruxish WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMNSM788 Tapu Fini WaterWaterFairyFairy
PKMNSS816 Sobble WaterWater
PKMNSS817 Drizzile WaterWater
PKMNSS818 Inteleon WaterWater
PKMNSS833 Chewtle WaterWater
PKMNSS834 Drednaw WaterWaterRockRock
PKMNSS845 Cramorant FlyingFlyingWaterWater
PKMNSS846 Arrokuda WaterWater
PKMNSS847 Barraskewda WaterWater
PKMNSS882 Dracovish WaterWaterDragonDragon
PKMNSS883 Arctovish WaterWaterIceIce

Alternate Forms

Image Pokémon Type Information
PKMNXY009-M Mega Blastoise WaterWater
PKMN080-M Mega Slowbro WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMNXY130-M Mega Gyarados WaterWaterDarkDark
PKMN260-M Mega Swampert WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN319-M Mega Sharpedo WaterWaterDarkDark
PKMN351-R Castform
Rainy Form
120px Primal Kyogre WaterWater
PKMN479-W Wash Rotom ElectricElectricWaterWater
PKMN493-Water Arceus
Splash Plate
PKMNSM658-A Ash-Greninja WaterWaterDarkDark
PKMNSM746-School Wishiwashi WaterWater
120px Silvally
Water Memory
Rapid Strike Style

List of water-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Bubble BeamSpecialSpecialBeautiful2065100%First
Hydro PumpSpecialSpecialBeautiful512080%First
Water GunSpecialSpecialCute2540100%First
Rain DanceStatusStatusBeautiful5Second
Hydro CannonSpecialSpecialBeautiful515090%Third
Muddy WaterSpecialSpecialTough109585%Third
Water SpoutSpecialSpecialBeautiful5Varies100%Third
Water SportStatusStatusCute15100%Third
Water PulseSpecialSpecialBeautiful2060100%Third
Aqua JetPhysicalPhysicalCool2040100%Fourth
Aqua RingStatusStatusBeautiful20Fourth
Aqua TailPhysicalPhysicalBeautiful109090%Fourth
Razor ShellPhysicalPhysicalCool107595%Fifth
Water PledgeSpecialSpecialBeautiful1050100%Fifth
Origin PulseSpecialSpecialBeautiful 1011085%Sixth
Steam EruptionSpecialSpecialBeautiful511095%Sixth
Water ShurikenSpecialSpecialCool20 15 100%Sixth
Liquidation PhysicalPhysical 10 85 100% Seventh
Sparkling Aria SpecialSpecial 10 90 100% Seventh
Bouncy Bubble SpecialSpecial 15 90 100% Seventh
Splishy Splash SpecialSpecial 15 90 100% Seventh
Fishious Rend PhysicalPhysical 10 85 100% Eighth
Life Dew StatusStatus 10 —% Eighth
Snipe Shot SpecialSpecial 15 80 100% Eighth

Z-Moves and Max Moves

  • Hydro Vortex
  • Oceanic Operetta (Sparkling Aria) - Primarina
  • Max Geyser
  • G-Max Stonesurge - Drednaw
  • G-Max Foam Burst - Kingler
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