The Warrior is a job (class) in Miitopia that focuses on single-target damage and party defense. Their Weapon of choice is the sword and their clothing is the armor. The Warrior is the ideal physical party member due to his high HP, Attack and Defense but he lacks within Magic and Speed.


Job description

Wields powerful swords, and is skilled at both attack and defense.


Lv 1 Lv 50 Lv 50 + Best equipment +Max food boost
HP 12 310 409
MP 4 62 161
Attack 12 114 451
Magic 0 10 109
Defense 5 94 406
Speed 5 48 147


Skill Lv MP Cost Description
Jump Slash 3 5 "Leap into the air, and slice down to strike an enemy from above."
Proud Protector 5 5 "Focus on defense to absorb the damage aimed at a friend."
Slap 7 4 "Snap a friend out of it when they're not themselves. (auto)"
Spin Slash 12 7 "Swing your sword in a big circle, striking all enemies in the vicinity."
Double Slash 17 7 "Unleash two powerful slashes in succession."
Darkeye Slash 22 12 "Slice an enemy, dealing heavy damage if they're wearing eyes."
Miracle Slap 29 0 "Snap a fallen friend back into action with a whopper of a wake-up call."
Super Spin Slash 36 18 "Whirl your sword around in a large circle to mow down all enemies."
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