The Warp Zone is a location found in several Mario video games, starting with Super Mario Bros.. Warp Zones are typically hard to find. When the player finds a Warp Zone, they will be given access to a later stage in the game, passing by several stages in the process that they would have otherwise had to have completed.

List of appearances

The following are a list of games the Warp Zone has appeared in (also includes Warp Cannons):

Nintendo Power

A feature of Nintendo Power magazine was titled Warp Zone that takes a look at past issues of the magazine. Each issue takes a look at a volume of the magazine from five, ten and twenty years ago. Pipes from the Mario series illustrate the look of the time period (for example, under "5 years ago" there's a modern Mario pipe from New Super Mario Bros. while under "20 years ago" the pipe is from Super Mario Bros., which was released in 1985). Topics explored include major features, famous covers and miscellaneous bits of trivia. In Nintendo Power V267, for example, the editors of the magazine talked about their coverage of New Super Mario Bros. under "5 years ago", the 2000 Nintendo Power Awards under "10 years ago", and the strange cover of Nintendo Power's May 1991 issue (in addition to the odd Gauntlet II artwork) under "20 years ago".

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