Warp Orb is an item that appears in every Mario Party game since Mario Party 4 for the GameCube (excluding Mario Party-e, Mario Party Advance, and Mario Party 8). In Mario Party 4, whoever uses it switches places with another player on the board via roulette. It's effect stays the same until Mario Party 7, where if thrown on a space, any opponent who passes it gets warped back to the space they started their turn at. In Mario Party DS, it is renamed the Star Pipe where players can use it to warp to the star. In Mario Party 9, Warp Pipes generally appear next to Lucky and Unlucky Spaces. The pipes next to a Lucky Space take the player to a six-space route with Mini Star Spaces, and Unlucky Space pipes take the player to a path with only Mini Ztar Spaces. Warp Pipes near a Lucky Space are colored blue, and the ones next to Unlucky Spaces are red, which match the colors of their respective spaces. Players willingly go down the Lucky Space pipe, while a Piranha Plant eats the player and takes them to the unlucky route.


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