Warlocked is a Game Boy Color video game by Bit Studios and Nintendo. It's an RTS that was released exclusively in America. In the game they'll be given the chance to either choose the Human side or the Beast side, each one having thirty missions. In the game they are at war with each other.


In the game, you'll perform all the traditional actions that you do in a normal RTS, such as building, exploring, fighting and gathering resources. The wizards in the game each have magical spells, some of which will convince enemy troops to join your side. The twenty wizards in the game are valuable party members. On the main screen there are five options available to you, including:

  • Play: Play the game. Choose whether to start a new mission, load a previously saved game, replay a mission that you've already played, or swap sides.
  • Options: Alter the music and sound effects, use cheats, and do other things.
  • Vs.: In order to play against a player-controlled army, you and the other person must both have in possession the game and a link cable that is compatible with the system. The maps available in this mode are found in the campaign.
  • Armies: Another multiplayer mode where you play a game similar to rock-paper-scissors, but rather with the troops.
  • Extras: Read information you've gathered on the quests.
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