Wario Shipyard is a course in Mario Kart 7 (Japanese: ワリオシップ Wario Shippu). The course is owned by Wario.

The course is mostly underwater. There are several ramps for players to execute tricks or collect Coins. The floors and giant pipes create jet streams providing players to a higher position.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: ワリオシップ (Wario Shippu)
  • Spanish: Galeón de Wario
  • French: Galion de Wario
  • Dutch: Wario's Wrak
  • German: Warios Galeonenwrack
  • Italian: Galeone di Wario
  • Portuguese: Galeão do Wario
  • Russian: Галеон Варио Galyeon Vario
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