Wario Land 3 is a video game released in 2000 as the successor to Wario Land II. It is released by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color. The game is the third one in the series and was welcomed to critical acclaim. Many of Wario's reactions return from the previous game with the addition of new reactions, such as a snowman, being invisible and a vampire. It was succeeded by Wario Land 4 for the Game Boy Advance in 2001.


After crashing his plane into a forest, Wario gets lured to a magic music box that sucks him into an unknown world. A creature within the world says that he can send Wario back to his world if he can find all of the music boxes across this new world. He gets Wario's full attention when he proclaims that he can keep all of the treasure that he might find on the way.


Wario is lured to a music box and is subsequently sucked into it. Little did he expect an entire world to be featured in it. The gameplay is similar to the game before it. You travel through various levels, collecting coins and falling victim to enemy attacks in order to undergo transformations. Wario does not have a life meter in the game, but rather when attacked he looses coins. Levels are basically won by thinking of how to get past a situation or complete a certain puzzle, which usually involves touching an enemy. Within each stage are four treasure chests that'll give Wario a variety of things.

Table of Levels

North N1: Out of the Woods N2: The Peaceful Village N3: The Vast Plain N4: Bank of the Wild River N5: The Tidal Coast N6: Sea Turtle Rocks
West W1: Desert Ruins W2: The Volcano's Base W3: The Pool of Rain W4: A Town in Chaos W5: Beneath the Waves W6: The West Crater
South S1: The Grasslands S2: The Big Bridge S3: Tower of Revival S4: The Steep Canyon S5: Cave of Flames S6: Above the Clouds
East E1: The Stagnant Swamp E2: The Frigid Sea E3: Castle of Illusions E4: The Colossal Hole E5: The Warped Void E6: The East Crater E7: Forest of Fear


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  • This is the last Wario Land game where Wario's in-game sprite colors are depicted in black and white as opposed to yellow and purple from the game's official artwork.
  • The Music Box World would later make a small cameo in WarioWare Twisted!
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