Wario Land: Shake It! (JP) (known as Wario Land: The Shake Dimension in European regions and Australia and Wario Land Shaking in Korean) is a Wii video game released in mid-2008. It's a classic revisiting of the Wario video games of old, instead of being a new installment in the ever popular WarioWare series. The side-scrolling adventure will take Wario in the new world of the Shake Dimension, and will require him to take on new enemies and use new abilities that'll require the player to, as the American name suggests, shake the Wii Remote in a variety of ways and sometimes twist it as well, depending on what task you have to perform. It is the first Wario Land game since Wario Land 4 and the first Wario Land game to be released on a home console instead of a handheld system.


A screenshot of Wario attacking with his elbow, which was also seen in Wario Land 4.

Wario, the greedy protagonist traverses a multitude of lands placed in the Shake Dimension. He'll be able to execute classic moves such as his charging attack, his ground pound, and so forth. New moves include attacks that involve either shaking or twisting the Wii Remote, which is at all time held sideways (similar to Super Paper Mario and NES games played on the controller).


The player will have to shake the controller throughout the game many times. Wario's most powerful attack, an outstanding punch to the ground which shakes everything in view, can be executed when 1. Wario's hands are free and 2. his meter is full.

When an enemy, coin bag or Merfle prison is in Wario's hands, he can shake it to retrieve garlic or rid the enemy of armor, come in possession of coins, or free the prisoner, respectively. Finally, when on a pole, the player is required to shake the remote to cause Wario to frantically spin around and then launch him off.


Twisting is used for the game's many vehicles, controlling which direction they're traveling in and deciding which way to launch the vehicles attacks. When inside a canon, the player can twist the remote to alter the position of the canon, thus changing where Wario will shoot out of when ready. Finally when the player has an object in his hand, he can chose the direction of where it will be launched by twisting.

Areas and Levels

The Sweet Stuff 1: Aboard the Sweet Stuff
Area 1: Ratl Ruins 1: Stonecarving City 2: Whoopsy Desert S1: Disturbing Tomb 3: Foulwater Falls S2: Gurgle Gulch 4: Run-Down Pyramid Boss: Rollanratl Battle
Area 2: Wiggly Wilds 1: Just Plains 2: Wavy Waters 3: Mt. Lava Lava S1: Sneak Peak S2: Lowdown Depths 4: Savannah Valley Boss: Hot Roderick Race
Area 3: Rocking Range 1: Wreck Train 2: Stonetooth Cave 3: Its-all Mine 4: Glittertown S1: Neon City S2: Derailed Express Boss: Chortlebot Challenge
Area 4: Jiggle Jungle 1: Ropey Jungle Windbreak Bay Airytale Castle S1: Launchpad Labyrinth 4: Soggybog River S2: Riverboat Rapids S3: Prism Prison Boss: Bloomsday Blowout
Area 5: Quiver Cliffs 1: Mount Bighill 2: Creep Blue Sea 3: Slipshop Slopes S1: Bamboozle Village S2: Freezing Fields 4: Bad Manor S3: Boogie Mansion Boss: Large Fry Cook-Off
Shakedown Schooner Boss: VS the Shake King


The Club Nintendo error.

Nintendo was satisfied enough with the end product to give Good-Feel the greenlight to create Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii, another sidescroller with a unique art style.

On Club Nintendo, when an order goes wrong, an image of Wario pops up saying "There was a problem with your request. But don't worry, your coins are safe with Wario." (pictured). The artwork used was from Wario Land: Shake It!


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