Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! is a Game Boy game published in 1994 by Nintendo and developed by Hudson Soft. It is a crossover between Nintendo's Wario franchise and Hudson's signature Bomberman franchise, though it is much more of a Bomberman game than a Wario game (though Wario got top billing). The game was released in Japan as Bomberman GB and did not feature Wario. The Bomberman GB released in America was the Japanese Bomberman GB 2.


Wario one day stumbles upon Bomberman's world, and, being the greedy sort he is, decides to loot it for his own gain. Bomberman is the only one that stands between Wario and the complete decimation of his world.

Game mechanics

The object of the game is simple: blow up enemies to move on to the next stage. Throughout the game, this never changes. Every stage is viewed from an overhead perspective, as walls are blown up to find power-ups (which increase the power of explosions, or the number of bombs that can be set) and locate enemies. Victory comes once they are defeated. After three rounds, the side with more victories wins and moves on to the next stage. When playing the game, the player can play as either Wario or Bomberman, but this only changes the enemies from Bombermen to Wario clones, and vice-versa.


The game was part of a limited series of Game Boy games that were enhanced for play on the Super Nintendo through the Super Game Boy device. The enhanced game offered a special Wario & Bomberman frame around the TV screen, color graphics, and a multiplayer mode which allowed for simultaneous gameplay between opponents. The game uses a password system to save progress instead of a battery back-up.

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