Wario Pose

Wario doing his pose.

The Wario series is a lucrative Nintendo property that stars none other than Wario himself. Wario first appeared in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, though soon thereafter got his own series when his appearance in said game became so popular. Initially he was a villain to Mario, though currently he's just known as a greedy guy who'll do anything, whether it be good or bad, for money. And it pays off, as he's arguably one of the richest characters in the Mario universe.

Wario's popularity really shot up when Intelligent Systems created many of the WarioWare games. Intelligent Systems was the developer of 6 Golden Coins way back when it was released on the Game Boy, so technically they can be considered the creator of the Wario series. Intelligent Systems is a first party Nintendo developer, meaning that they're a Nintendo company in the same way that Nintendo EAD is. WarioWare became so popular that it is now its own spin-off series, which is without a doubt even more popular than the platforming games which started his career off.

Games in the series

Wario platformers


Other Wario games

Companies that have developed Wario games

There have been a variety of developers who have created Wario games. Intelligent Systems were the first ones to make a game with Wario in it, and went on to develop the WarioWare series. A list of developers include:

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