WarioWare Gold (JP) is a minigame collection on the Nintendo 3DS. It contains over 300 microgames acting like a Best Of collection similar to Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The game features new redesigns for the characters.


The main plot is that since Wario was broke after his latest heist, he organized a game tournament with an entry fee and then had his friends make games. Each character has their own story. Ashley, for instance, summons a demon that tells her and Red that a ravenous demon named Hum Gree has been terrorizing other demons by eating all the food, so she goes to defeat Hum Gree.


The microgames use all facets of the 3DS controls from the buttons to the top screen to the gyroscope. The majority of microgames return from previous games from across the WarioWare series (barring WarioWare: Snapped!). The microgames are classified into four control types; Mash, Twist, Touch, and Blow.

The microgames are divided into stories for each of the main characters with each one having a voiced cutscene at the beginning and end. Each league focuses on a different control type. After each boss microgame, the player gets to play a short minigame and collect Gold Coins.

Gold Coins earned can be spent on the capsule machine. It works similarly to the Cluck-A-Pop from Game & Wario except each time costs 600 coins. The rewards include the cutscenes (which can be dubbed over by the player), Toys (various Nintendo toys and their history), Character Cards and Minigames.


  • This is the first fully voiced acted WarioWare game with it having dubbed cutscenes for each major language.
  • This is Waluigi's only appearance in a WarioWare game, in which he only appears as a drawing if the player scans a Waluigi amiibo.


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