WarioWare: Snapped! is a DSiWare video game initially launched for the Nintendo DSi through its download service in December of 2008. The game is the second game in the series of three to be released on the Nintendo DS, and the only one in the series to be released through a download service. The game is unique in that it uses the DSi's front camera. Players can complete the microgames offered by posing in various positions by using your hands and face. For example, in one mini game you are required to spread your middle and pointer finger and stick them in the character's nose on screen. On screen you'll only see a silhouette of yourself.


Because the microgames are more challenging to perform than the normal microgames featured in previous entries of the series, they give the player a couple extra seconds to do each one. The game's setting is a themepark, where the player will constantly be riding on a roller coaster while playing each minigame. The game's characters include Wario, Mona, Jimmy T., and Kat & Ana. Each mode features different microgames, though the overall amount is very slim in comparison to other games in the series, perhaps due to the low cost of it.


The game was not well received, with critics complaining that it was too hard to find the correct lighting, that it could not tell what was your hand and what was your head on occasion, and that overall the minigames just weren't very fun even when the game was working properly. The increased time for each minigame was the subject of complaints as well since it took away the intensity of the previous games in the series.

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