WarioWare: Get It Together! is a game in the WarioWare series, set to be released worldwide on September 10, 2021. Similarly to the previous WarioWare games, WarioWare: Get It Together! features different microgames to play. In this game, players choose from a selection of characters in the series, each which has their own special ability. In addition, Get It Together! features multi-player mode.


The main game is structured similar to previous WarioWare titles where the play a series of microgames, each themed to a certain character. Unlike previous entries, each set does not use new kinds of mechanics. Instead, the different mechanics are through the different playable characters which interact with the microgames using their signature ability. Characters are unlocked by completing each zone for that character.

The game includes multiplayer from the start with each player controlling a different character. Most modes are compatible with 2 players with most of the Variety Pack modes compatible with 4 players. There is also a weekly challenge mode called Wario Cup.

Variety Pack

The game includes 10 additional modes. There are 3 that are considered Completionist and 7 that are considered Party.


Mode Details Player No.
Gotta Bounce An extended version of the microgame of the same name. Players must keep the ball in the air for as long as possible. In multiplayer modes, the ball changes with each hit and must be hit by the player whose color it turns to. 1-4
Daily Grind Players go through a side-scrolling level while fighting enemies and collecting papers. Players start as Wario, but can change character by hitting a certain box. 1-4
Friendless Battle A single-player mode where the player fights clones of other characters in the game. 1


Mode Details Player No.
High Five A volleyball mode. 1-4
Duelius Maximus A versus mode between two players. The player who loses a game or finishes it last loses a life. 2
Rising Star Two players play microgames, with the player who contributes more to the victory gaining stars. If the players lose, the player who causes it may lose a star. 2
Balloon Bang One player plays a microgame while others inflate a balloon. Whoever is playing the game when the balloon pops loses. 2-4
Sly Angle Players compete in microgames exclusive to this mode, with the winner selecting a pin. If a player creates a triangle with their pins, they gain stars depending on the size. Whoever has the larger area wins. 2-4
Puck 'er Up Players compete in air hockey with a microgame in it. Whoever scores a goal plays the game while other players try to disrupt them. If they succeed, they gain stars, but if they lose, all other players gain a star. 2-4
Frenemy Frenzy Players fight against each other in a fighting-game style mode. 2-4

Playable characters

Name Ability
Wario He can fly with his jet pack. If the A button is pressed he will attack in whichever direction he is facing.
Young Cricket He can jump by pressing the A button. He will jump higher if the button is held.
18-Volt He shoots CDs, but he cannot move by himself. In games that require upwards movement, 18-Volt can shoot golden rings that he will then hang onto.
Mona She is constantly moving, unless the A button is pressed. This causes her to throw a boomerang which is controlled with the left stick.
Dribble and Spitz They can both fly and shoot, with Dribble firing to the right and Spitz to the left. Player 1 will only control Dribble, while Player 2 will only control Spitz.
Dr. Crygor He can swim in the air by holding the A button down.
9-Volt He constantly moves back and forth on his skateboard. If the A button is pressed, 9-Volt will launch his yo-yo upwards. In games that require upwards movement, 9-Volt can shoot golden rings that he will then hang onto.
Mike He can fly and shoot music notes upwards.
Kat and Ana They constantly bounce and can throw ninja stars by pressing A, with Kat throwing to the right and Ana to the left. Player 1 will only control Kat, while Player 2 will only control Ana.
Jimmy T. He can attack in whatever direction the left stick is facing by pressing A.
Ashley She can fly and shoot spells in whatever direction she's facing by pressing A.
Orbulon He can fly and activate his tractor beam by pressing A.
5-Volt She can only move by teleporting, the appearance of which is based off the Gamer mini game from Game & Wario.
Master Mantis He can jump high, similarly to Young Cricket. Unlike Cricket, Master Mantis can stand upside down on surfaces.
Lulu She floats upwards by pressing A, which has more horizontal movement than vertical. When in air, she can perform a ground pound.
Red He can fly and drop bombs by pressing A.
Penny Crygor She can shoot water from Jet Tank One. If the A button is pressed, she will remain still while still able to shoot water.
Pyoro He extends his tongue, but he cannot fly or jump. In games that require upwards movement, Pyoro can latch onto golden rings that he will then hang on.


At the start of the game, Wario announces his new game is finished. The game doesn't work and makes the crew smaller and 3D versions of themselves with special abilities. After making it through stage, the final stage, Anything Goes is attacked by a Mega Bug, and the stage is now run by Wario Bug. After finishing the stage, the Supreme Developer thanks Wario and his friends for destroying all the Game Bugs and saving the game. When they return to the real world, it is shown that Wario's bad programming skills caused the appearance of the Game Bugs. causing the others to get furious at Wario. At that moment, He remembers that Red, Master Mantis, and Lulu are still missing. The crew goes back into the game, only to find that a mysterious figure kidnapped them. After clearing All Mixed Up, Super Hard, and Thrill Ride where the characters are kidnapped, a treasure chest falls out, which shows three golden junk. A note falls out of the third chest, saying "I dare you to put all three treasures together". Dr. Crygor thinks that his daughter, Penny Crygor can solve the mystery. The treasure turns out to be a golden watering can. It's water is then put on a toilet which grows into a beanstalk. Climbing it shows the figure, and the crew has to battle it. A special course is designed with their abilities for the final boss. By Round 17, the creature becomes red and smaller. Wario then has to destroy the 5 eyes of the creature (The 5th eye is on the creature's tongue). After that, the boss is then shown to be Pyoro, the star of Super Pyoro. Finally, Master Mantis tells Wario that "The treasure that you seek is the end of the adventure". The roll credits are then unlocked.


The game was officially announced at E3 2021, but it was speculated about earlier when Nintendo sent out a survey that asked how likely users would buy the next WarioWare game if it was $49.99.[1] The game received a demo on August 19 that featured a basic set of microgames and 5 unlockable characters


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