The WaraWara Plaza is the first screen that you'll see on your TV when you log on to your Wii U system. Mii characters appear all over the plaza, with the system's linked users in the middle.


The floor looks similar to the Mii Plaza's floor, which appears on the original Wii. Various Miis from 10 popular Miiverse communities will appear, and they will occasionally show Miiverse posts and drawings. The screen can be zoomed in, as well as moved to the GamePad screen to visit posts that appear. But now that the Miiverse service has ended, the default drawings and posts will appear, like the ones the user can see when the Wii U is offline.


When the WaraWara Plaza was first unveiled, the community icons were placed slightly different, and it featured some placeholder icons for then-unreleased and even unannounced games. It was also called Mii Warawara.

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