Waluigi Pinball is a track found in the Mario Kart series.


Mario Kart DS

This course first appears in Mario Kart DS as the third track of the Flower Cup. It takes place inside an enlarged pinball machine (or possibly the characters themselves have been shrunk) that includes pinballs, flippers and bumpers throughout. The pinballs are colossal and crushes drivers if the pinballs manage to hit them. The flippers near the end knocks players out and the bumpers pushes them backwards.

The level is not playable online, but through hacks it can be.


3-1: Destroy all 5 item boxes!

4-7: Drive through all 10 gates!

Mario Kart 7

Waluigi Pinball returns as a course in Mario Kart 7, appearing as the final track of the Banana Cup. In this game, the pinballs are now 3D models, and certain ramps can be tricked off of.


  • When collecting an Item Box, the sound is an 8-bit version of the normal roulette theme. This also occurs when the player starts the second lap.
  • The soundtrack for this course appears as a remix in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Waluigi doesn't appear in Mario Kart 7 (though he was supposed to appear, but was scrapped, due to time constraints), even though this course does.
  • The background music of this course shares the music with Wario Stadium.

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