Walleye Warehouse is a map in the game Splatoon. It is a close-quarters stage taking place in an industrial warehouse, featuring many crates as obstacles.

Map Layout

Walleye Warehouse overview

At the start, there are 3 paths. The left path wraps around to the farthest end of the central area. The right path is a relatively straight path to the central portion off to the right, but there's a jump off point on the path connecting back into the center path. The central path is fairly wide with a couple levels as the players descend down. Going up to a spawn point can only be achieved by going up the unpaintable ramps. The central portion with a short wall of boxes in the center. Off to the sides of the central portion are the ends of the paths, with walls protecting the upper paths.

Splat Zones

The Splat Zone in this map is a rectangle in the central portion with the short wall of boxes dividing the sides. The boxes's tops also get covered with paint when a side takes over.

Beta Elements

The biggest change is the from the early version was that the release version doesn't have the moving crates across the stage.


  • Walleye Warehouse was one of the 4 maps featured in the game's initial trailer
  • Walleye Warehouse was one of the maps featured in the Splatoon Global Testfire, alongside Saltspray Rig.
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