Wallace ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He first appears in Chapter 9 as a level 12 Knight. He was the Knight Commander of House Caelin until Lundgren made his mad bid for power


As a new squire to Caelin, he apparently was thin and weak. The other boys teased him, calling him a girl. He had a teacher by the name of Renault, implied to be the same man as Bishop Renault, who trained him. He grew strong and continued to serve Caelin, rising through the ranks.

During a support conversation with Kent, it's revealed that several years ago, Lord Hausen assigned him to prevent Madelyn and Hassar from escaping to the Sacae plains. A couple days after assigned to this job, Wallace catches up with Madelyn and Hassar. When Wallace caught them, both Madelyn and Hassar said "I am to blame, do not harm the other".

After the meeting, Wallace lets the pair go and reports back to Lord Hausen. When Marquess Caelin found out the Wallace had let them escape ("They eluded me", is what Wallace said to Lord Hausen after the pair's escape), he locks Wallace in the dungeon for 6 months. Wallace does not regret it, though, as not only this allowed for Lyn to be ultimately born, but it showed him that disobeying orders is not necessarily bad when they conflict with one's sincere beliefs and are against what ultimately will be in the good of the lord ordering them.

Continuing his service to Caelin, he was the commander of the knights of Caelin. He later trained young knights, including Kent and Sain. Eventually, he retired and became a farmer. However, when Lundgren rose to power, he ordered Wallace to capture the "impostor" granddaughter and two "disloyal" knights. Upon finding Lyn, he decides to believe her claim based on the look in her eyes. He then joins her and helps her on her journey to defeat Lundgren. After the battle, he searches on for combat, his battle lust renewed.

In Eliwood's story, he reappears in Bern during Lloyd's version of Four-Fanged Offense, where he can be re-recruited. His lack of a sense of direction serves as the apparent reason for his presence in Bern, though it is revealed in an A support with Lyndis he had traveled there to destroy the hideout of the Taliver Bandits that had killed Lyndis' family.

After the battle against Nergal, he winds up farming in Ilia.

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