Wakka is a playable character in Final Fantasy X, who is a blitzball player and one of Yuna's guardians.


Wakka is of what would be considered Austronesian descent in our world and is characterized by a Besaid Island accent. He uses speech-mannerisms like "brudda" for "brother" and finishes sentences with "ya?". He begrudges the Al Bhed for what happened to his brother, Chappu, but rationalizes his hatred for Al Bhed not following the teachings of Yevon.

Wakka's goal as captain to a blitzball team is to have the team do their best without it mattering whether they win or lose. It is not until Tidus arrives the Aurochs begin to focus on achieving victory. He becomes fond of Tidus, as he reminds him of his late brother Chappu. Though Lulu reminds him they're not the same person, Wakka still gives Tidus Brotherhood (Chappu's sword).

Wakka depends on Yevon's religion and guidance making him socially conservative and thus is intentionally kept in the dark about Yuna's half-Al Bhed heritage. Because of his high value in his religion, Wakka is reluctant to participate in anything considered forbidden by its teachings. Traveling Spira with Yuna's party his world-view broadens and he begins to see the hypocrisy behind his previous actions, and he apologizes to Cid and other Al Bhed for his ignorance.

Wakka has a big heart and frequently attempts to cheer the party up, though is not always successful. He tends to goof around with younger members of the group much to the annoyance of Lulu who berates him for setting a bad example. Though they bicker, Wakka is close to her, and affectionately calls her "Lu".

In Final Fantasy X-2, Wakka is plagued by insecurity as his new role as leader of Besaid in a quickly changing Spira where old traditions are going out of style, and his impending fatherhood. He tries to deal with his issues alone, but with the help of the Gullwings comes to trust his own judgment.

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