Getting ready to wakeboard

Wakeboarding is one of the twelve activities available for Wii Sports Resort. You hold the Wii Remote on its side as if you were holding the rope connecting to the boat. The main objective in Wakeboarding is the score as much points as possible by pulling off tricks. You follow a boat on a wakeboard and you jump off the "V" shaped vaves created by the boat. You shake the Wii Remote as you are jumping off the ramp to pull a stunt, which leads to more points. Every jump you pull makes the next jump higher and thus giving more points. You must land flat or you don't get any points, and you slow down which will give you less points for the next consecutive jumps. In Intermediate and Expert difficulties, there are obstacles added which can cause the rope to get tangled and obstacles which you don't want to run into, otherwise you will fall off.

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