Wahoo World is a multiplayer level in Splatoon 2. It is designed after an amusement park.

Map Layout

Wahoo World is a stage based on an amusement park. The layout of the stage is primarily divided into three overlapping circles. On each end are the circular area where each teams' Spawn points are, located at the highest point of the map. This area is comprised on many layers, some inaccessible to the opposing team, while others are. To the right is a ramp which which connects the lower and middle ground. The main feature of the map is the large rocket ride that comprises the center circle of the map. While the rocket ride itself is inaccessible, the area around it at ground level is and will spin clockwise with two arches across from each other, with the side that is not facing the direction it is going will be inkable. There are two bridges that extend and retract on the top level. It follows a pattern of beginning to extend or retract every 30 seconds. When ever the bridge is extended, the central area will stop moving. To each team's right, there is a ramp which will lead to a glass bridge which is always extended to the area on top of the rocket ride.

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