WWE 2K18 is the first wrestling game released for the Nintendo Switch and the first entry in the WWE series since the Wii title, WWE '13.


The game features several modes including the MyPlayer story mode, Road To Glory event mode, the Universe mode, several match types and customization modes. The player can create their own Superstars with the Create-A-Wrestler mode, with new customization features including a glow effect. The player can customize the Ring with different crowd area and weapons accessible. The Create-A-Match mode returns with the player able to save their creations for use in the exhibiton mode, Universe mode or in private online matches. The backstage events in MyCareer are now free roaming with interactions with the other wrestlers.

The game features over 200 wrestlers from the history of the WWE including the video game debut of 29 WWE Superstars. Colonel Sanders, as a promotion with KFC, is included as a costume and template in the Create-A-Wrestler mode.


The Switch version was received quite poorly with the game being pretty slow with frame drops. The game looks significantly worse compared to other iterations. The AI seems somewhat broken with sometimes getting stuck trying to get back into the ring

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