Volug ​is a character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and is Queen Nailah's retainer. He is a Wolf Laguz, hailing from the lost nation of Hatari.


Micaiah's party first encounters Volug when searching the desert for Prince Pelleas, alongside Queen Nailah and the heron Prince Rafiel. Nailah orders him to protect Micaiah, where he remains for the rest of the game, proving to be a valuable asset to the Dawn Brigade. As a result of the possible backlash that could arise from having a Laguz accompany the Dawn Brigade, Volug, utilizing the Wildheart skill, poses as a pet dog in his transformed state.

If Volug is placed in the same team as Nailah in Part 4, he will be able to initiate a Base Conversation with Ike. In this conversation, Volug promises to teach Ike the Ancient Language, in exchange for Ike teaching him the Tellius Language.

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