Volt Catfish

Volt Catfish.

Volt Catfish (Electro Namazuros in Japanese) is one of the eight Mavericks and a boss from Mega Man X3 designed to resemble a catfish. He wrecks havoc in the Power Control Center.


Mega Man X3

Similar to fighting Wheel Gator, Catfish will be difficult to beat without his weakness as the name, "Volt" implies. Unlike fighting Volt Man from the PC version of Mega Man 1 and Elec Man in Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Volt Catfish doesn't remove the shield nor does he fire two electric shots in the air. Later, Catfish will fire three orbs at the wall and charge them to crate his Triad Thunder. He'll blow the orbs in, along with Mega Man X and would fire electric in the air. Catfish will then be shielded with electric on the center space. He'll throw sparks when he's shielded. To stop this, X must destroy each side, similar to fighting Dynamo Man. Catfish will then repeat again. However, if X uses Tornado Fang repeatedly, he won't be shielded.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Volt Catfish will behave like the one in his first appearance, except he'll create a Tri-Thunder, making it similar to the enemy, Electric Gabyoall in Mega Man 3. Using Rising as Zero will kill him quickly. Using Ray Claw as X will defeat him quickly as it can cut off his whiskers.

Other media

Volt Catfish appeared in the manga, Rockman X3 and the carddas, Rockman X Mega Mission.


  • In his animated appearance in the Mega Man X Collection version of Mega Man X3, you can see a robot similar to Auto in Mega Man 7.
  • Volt Catfish and Squid Adler both have similar weapons.
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