Vividria is a mid-boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. She yields the Artist ability when inhaled.


Vividria has maroon skin and blonde hair, of which it is put up in a ponytail with two bands, separating the hair into two sections. The second section has paint on it, resembling a paintbrush, and on her head is a red beret, similar to Artist Kirby's, but clean. She also sports a pink dress with yellow trimmings and a blue ribbon. She also sports a green overcoat.

Her alternate palette found in later levels of the game turns her hair white, as is the stripe around the bottom of her cloak. Her beret remains red, and her tie, overcoat, and eyes turn the same color, while her skin and coat turn pitch black. When she's a helper, her beret gains splatters of paint on it as well as a star emblem, and depending on which player she is, she may gain a new color palette that is near monotone yellow, blue, or green.

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